Purpose of the Guild

1. Promote the safe and sane display and use of pyrotechnics.
2. Encourage the display of public and private pyrotechnics in conjunction with local and national holidays and patriotic events.
3. Channel the creative energies of talented people into the design, production, and display of high quality pyrotechnics by example of the membership through the sharing of knowledge. 

BPG Calendar of Events

Statement of Non-Liability

The Bluegrass Pyrotechnic Guild (BPG) is a non-profit association of industry professionals, apprentices, and enthusiasts. Readers are urged to learn and obey all laws and regulations of the Federal, State, and Local governments, their agencies and representatives. Any information or techniques presented herein are documentary in nature, and no opinion is given regarding suitability or use. The BPG, its officers, editor, agents, and members assume no liability for the accuracy of any information contained herein, and each of them disclaims any responsibility for any loss or injury occasioned by any use of, or attempt to duplicate, any device, assembly, or formula that may be described herein.